83x18 2 Dove Tail Car Hauler Treated Wood Floor-Brake 1 Axle- 2" Bull Dog Hitch- Wrap Tongue- 2' Dove Tail- Raised Floor- Brake-A-Way Kit
Here is information and contact to converter of vehicle if have specific questions. WILSON FOR SALE WILSON is a 2011 Volvo Model 730 at Kansas RV Center priced at $130,000. He has approx 621,000 miles on his odometer, and has been setup with more options and features. Here is the link to WILSON\'s Videos and Detailed Pictures: Link to WILSON Pictures and Videos The present owners Orrin and Sylv...
Converted by Gregg Shields who is known for his upscale conversions of Volvo trucks this is but one of his choices for those serious 5th wheel enthusiasts who want to buy the ultimate tow vehicle for safety and longevity. Call for details as one needs to visit with Gregg to hear all the features the RV Hauler can offer. Here are some of the specs for hauler. ERNIE FOR SALE Ernie is a 2011 Volvo...
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